Our Triangle Offense

Brent Bulls CIC has set a 5-year plan which is proposed and approved with the backing of key local organisations. We call this 5-year plan our Triangle Offense, and it focuses on providing opportunity, inclusivity, relationships, connectivity and building the sport through all age groups and genders from grassroots, juniors to seniors.

Our main priorities are outlined here:

  1. Grow the grassroots participation of basketball at a younger age in Brent. Our plan is to build a new inclusive school community basketball programme at the Primary and Secondary schools level within
    the Brent community.
  2. Tackle the gap between male and female participation in playing the game of basketball in Brent, by providing clubs for different age groups, helping spread awareness and visibility of the sport.
  3. Professional and quality coaches representing The Bulls from quality coaching experience at grassroots to playing at local/national league level, we provide top-level coaching.
  4. Build a Senior National League Programme to represent the Borough of Brent since 2013. This senior basketball programme will build excitement to the Brent community, and help create a sporting culture for the future
    generations to aspire to the club’s aims within 5 years to compete at the higher levels of the basketball national
    league in both male and female divisions.
  5. Basketball at the Baby and Mini levels. We plan to introduce a unique Baby Bulls (2-5)
    and Mini Bulls (6-11) basketball clubs, to provide a fun learning space for the younger generations. these clubs focus on developing agility, balance and co-ordination.

All these initiatives fall under our Triangle Offense. If you would like to know more about our programme and direction, please e-mail info@brenbtulls.com.