Brent Bulls CIC is dedicated to providing a professional and honest service to all our members. Please find below all the membership details. 


Brent Bulls CIC provides Club Memberships for members to excel, educate and commit to our culture and values. The membership will allow club members to perform, train and compete under the Bulls.

Memberships with Brent Bulls CIC are broken down into separate payments to allow flexibility, inclusivity and accommodation to our members where required.

An initial Membership Fee is paid directly to Brent Bulls CIC at the start of every season. The membership includes training sessions, venue hire, season registration fees, season fees, club and player insurance. This is non-refundable.

The full membership for members will include a playing kit and other accessories which are inlcuded.

Memberships – Monthly Payment

Members of Brent Bulls CIC can pay membership fees monthly. This is to help and accommodate members. Each monthly fee is dependant on the team and season fee.

A Direct Debit will be set up with the club after the initial fee is paid. The Direct Debit can be set up to a members preference however must cover the full membership fee and pay within a 6-9 month period.

If monthly payments are incomplete or stopped, the members status will be on hold – meaning no access to the membership (training sessions, games).

Memberships – Payments

All membership payments are direct to the Brent Bulls CIC Business Account. Brent Bulls CIC is an approved Community Interest Company.

Memberships – Cancellation

If a member chooses to cancel a membership, this will have to be made in writing to Brent Bulls CIC will remove the member from all communications. No refunds will be allocated.

Brent Bulls Apparel

Please allow 2 weeks production time for any Brent Bulls CIC Hoodies, T-Shirts, Long-Sleeves

Any personalised Brent Bulls kits (jersey, shorts long sleeve warmers) will take 1-2 months production time.

Refund Policy

Brent Bulls CIC has a non-refund policy once members commit to the club and the season.

Brent Bulls CIC offers part refunds to members in full season cancellations. This is calculated dependant on the league fees and structure. The initial membership fee is non-refundable.

If you have any queries please e-mail