Brent Bulls officially partners with St Charles Spartans Academy for 2023-24

Brent Bulls officially partners for with leading college academy St Charles Spartans in West London 2023-24.

Clive Castillo was the Director and General Manager of the St. Charles Spartans Basketball Academy during the 2021-22 season.

Coach Clive led the Spartans into the inaugural College Basketball League (CBL) season and introduced the program to Europe through their debut in the European Youth Basketball League (EYBL).

Coach Clive Castillo in the opening CBL game of 2022-23

After positive meetings with the St Charles Sixth Form College Leadership Team, the college was happy to move forward and announce an official partnership for 2023-24.

“Although we have been associated in the past season, our official partnership for 2022-24 now opens up even more opportunities for collaboration within our club and in the North-West and West London areas.

St. Charles College boasts an excellent basketball reputation with fantastic facilities. Our Brent Bulls juniors are slowly feeding through the academy pathway, along with the talent in the North-West and West London regions. St. Charles is a great choice for students who want to pursue their education while also playing sports and making progress in their athletic ambitions.”

РClive Castillo, Head of Basketball for St Charles Spartans Basketball Academy 

St. Charles students will have the chance to play in the Junior National League alongside the Brent Bulls, as well as benefit from shared resources such as professional coaching staff and access to facilities.

Clive Castillo will continue to lead the academy for a second year, bringing in Brent Bulls coaching staff to manage the Strength & Conditioning, 2nd Team Boys and Girls Coach.

CBL Season starts in September 2023. 


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