Coach Clive discusses Mental Health with WinkBall & Brent Council

Coach Clive Castillo was recently featured in an outreach initiative by WinkBall & Brent Council to support the community with Mental Health.

The initiative was developed to help the community motivated and inspire ideas on what they can do to help stay positive. Brent Council’s vision was to create a ‘mega wall’ of messages from Brent People showcasing things that have made them smile and that have helped them to stay positive through the pandemic. Cllr Ezeajughi the Mayor of Brent, MPs, celebrities and local residents have all contributed to the wall. The video is available under Brent Wellbeing TV.

Clive Castillo mentioned his key points to stay positive through these challenging times is keeping in contact and checking in with Brent Bulls club members every day from parents to the kids.

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