Together in Basketball with The LBA

Together in Basketball, Brent Bulls are thrilled to officially collaborate with community recognised charity London Basketball Association!

Brent Bulls and LBA recently worked together to deliver the Easter Holidays Ball and Eat sessions in the North-West London area, which gave basketball players in the North-West community opportunity to play and taste the food at the recently refurbished cafe at The Granville.

“This is what it’s all about, basketball organisations coming together unifying to share resources, support one another helping to make the sport accessible and affordable especially at the grassroots level. Brent and its neighbouring boroughs will benefit from this collaboration greatly and we have already seen the positive ramifications, as we springboard the “Return To Play” initiative with 2 Easter provisions, a weekly session for young people in the community and free qualification courses, but also the sharing of best practice.”
– Tony Lazare (Founder)


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The collaboration will allow Brent Bulls and LBA will continue to work together to help support social change and sport in their respective communities. Another exciting initiative delivered by Brent Bulls x LBA is running Grassroots FUN sessions for 8-13 years old (mixed boys and girls) on the weekend over the summer in the Borough of Brent.

“I’ve known Coach Tony Lazare for over 10 years, the work and impact LBA and Tony have achieved in the community and for the sport is truly inspirational. It’s fantastic we can come together and collborate for the sport of basketball and help our communities by providing provision, activity, sport and education. I’m excited to working closely with Tony, Sarah (The LBA, Managing Director) and the rest of the LBA team in future projects to inspire and support our communities.”
Clive Castillo, Director @ Brent Bulls


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More about the London Basketball Association from the LBA official website (

The London Basketball Association is a registered charity, established in July 2012. As a charity organisation, our mission is to inspire Londoners to develop a habit of getting involved with the conglomerate of basketball in order to benefit from it on many different levels. To achieve this, we work to enhance the infrastructure of basketball, making the sport easily accessible to the masses.

We see sport as an integral part of society, a practice that brings communities together, creates employment and growth opportunities within those communities, as well as helps to maintain the healthy lifestyle. We recognised the potential for basketball to become a gateway to solving key social issues such as obesity, physical and mental health issues, substance misuse, unemployment, crime and postcode wars.

LBA brings positive social change to the most disadvantaged communities in London through the sport of basketball.

LBA x Brent Bulls working together at the Easter Ball and Fun

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